Farag & Ward

Berti Farag

A devoted father, grandfather and family man

Berti Farag dedicated his entire life to educating and developing young minds. Despite losing his father at the age of two and the family's financial difficulties, Berti successfully completed his education through commitment and hard work.

Upon his graduation, Berti taught at Ibrahimeya high and English mission schools in Cairo, Egypt. Highly regarded for his challenging motivating style, he was selected by the Minister of Education in 1965 to personally tutor his children. Berti was also the author of 2 books in biology and zoology.

In 1967, Berti immigrated with his family to Montreal Canada. After a year at Father Macdonald High school in Saint Laurent, he joined the teaching staff at Lindsay Place high school in Pointe Claire where he spent the next 16 years doing what he loved most. During his tenure, he was well respected by students, parents and faculty members.

Berti retired in 1985 after a teaching career of 40 years and was honoured with a special award for his faithful service and dedication to education. Berti passed away in 2005 at the age of 84.